Olinsky Law Group

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER MBA w/concentration in HR, SHRM or ALA certification preferred.

POSITION DESCRIPTION - The Human Resources Manager reports to the Managing Partner.

Responsibilities Overview - The Human Resources Manager is responsible for the nonlegal operational management of the firm and for guiding the business decisions of the firm to maximize the efficiency, profitability, and business success of the organization. In general, the HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER is responsible for initiating and directing the implementation of policies established by the Managing Partner related to the financial, operational, human resources and administrative aspects of the firm, and for establishing procedures necessary to ensure that all professional and administrative support activities run efficiently and effectively. All non-lawyer personnel report to the HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER. The HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER supervises the use of time by all non-lawyer personnel. The HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER is a nonvoting, ex-officio member of all firm committees.

Primary Specific Responsibilities

General Firm Operations-

1. Direct the day-to-day, operational activities of the firm, including all administrative support functions.

2. Identify areas of potential cost reduction and efficiency improvement and encourage all staff to do the same.

3. Maintain appropriate internal controls and auditing procedures.

4. Review insurance and other fringe benefits of the firm and make appropriate investigations and recommendations regarding changes of such items.

5. Prepare special analyses and direct special projects as required by the Managing Partner.

Human Resources-

1. Staffing: Make recommendations on the creation of new staffing positions, including the appropriateness of such positions and justification for such positions.

2. Record keeping: Develop, collect and retain employee information

3. Compensation and Evaluation: Research market salary rates on all employees; make proposals for the criteria for merit increases; recommend policies regarding seniority systems; prescribe the frequency of, and accountability for, evaluations; and design evaluation and feedback procedures. Participate in performance and yearly reviews.

4. Ethics and Compliance: Provide safeguards to ensure the confidentiality of employee information; research regulations surrounding hiring, promotion, benefits, and safety; develop procedures that protect against regulatory violations, and develop and maintain file management systems.

5. Counseling and Discipline: Define and recognize performance or behavior problems; counsel employees on performance and behavior problems; develop or find resources to provide employee assistance with personal problems; design disciplinary procedures and accompanying documentation; and conduct terminations and exit interviews when necessary.

6. Benefit Plans: Administer plans, such as medical, medical reimbursement, profit sharing, pension, life and disability insurance, payroll deductions, and direct deposit.

7. Communications: Identify issues that affect the workplace and develop policies addressing them; prepare and distribute office manuals, and revise them when necessary; develop and implement orientation and training programs; and develop and implement office relations programs.


Responsible for payroll processing and administration. Additional responsibilities to be determined depending upon the skill sets of the successful candidate.

Office Administration-

1. Firm Support: Direct lawyer support functions for the firm, including secretarial, reproduction, messenger, library, reception, and telephone services; be responsible for the investigation of—and give advice to the Managing Partner on—acquisition, disposition, and safeguarding of all office equipment; and be responsible for the investigation of information on pricing and availability of computer equipment as requested by the partnership.

2. Maintenance: Manage the office space, including safety, security, and space utilization (with consultation from the Managing Partner).


1. Marketing Information Systems: Design or supervise the preparation of mailing lists and client/referral source databases as directed by the Managing Partner or any Marketing Committee(s); and establish systems to keep current marketing databases and follow-up activities, and to retrieve information upon request by the Managing Partner, individual lawyers, or staff.

2. Budget: Supervise and track a marketing budget, as and when developed by the firm; and track marketing expenditures by the firm.

Performance/Position Review-

The HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER's job performance and salary will be evaluated annually. This job description may be changed from time to time upon determination of the Managing Partner.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $55,000.00 to $65,000.00 /year

Link to apply: https://olinskylawgroup.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=30