SHRM Advocates Present – Peer Discussions

A unique, monthly opportunity for conversation and networking

What is it?
Peer Discussions are monthly opportunities for emergent leaders in the HR profession to come together for facilitated conversations on topics of their choosing. You might bring a challenge to the table - such as rolling out a new program - and hear colleagues' experiences to heighten your own efforts.  You may have been offered a position across the country, and would like help vetting the opportunity.  You may share recent retention challenges at your organization, or discuss implementing a new OSHA requirement. You may have a challenging situation with health care coverages.  You may want to talk about your own career development.

In short, this opportunity enables you to grow your own career and add value to your work and your organization.

Who attends?
Early to mid-career professionals (>5 years of experience) identified as Emergent Leaders either by their organization or by aspiration and career path.

Is it confidential?
Absolutely.  You may come with questions and issues, secure in the knowledge that this group is there for you to ask and explore, sharing experiences to enhance your work, and certain that what is said in the room, stays in the room.

Where is it held?
PD's are held at a different organization each month - and are facilitated by a member of the Senior HR Advocates Committee, a leadership group within CNYSHRM.  The first session will be held at the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College on June 14 at 8:00am, and will be facilitated by Dr. Renée Downey Hart, Professor of Practice.  Several members of the Advocates group will join us at this initial meeting which will focus on career development within HR, as well as gathering your input for future meetings.  Each month, a different topic or specific issue will be in the table, selected by group members.

The following month, Diane Moore, Vice President of Human Resources at Anaren Microwave will host the event (July 12 at 8am at Anaren.)  A full schedule of hosts and locations for the year will be posted on our website.

When is it held?
Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month 8am - 9:30am.   Coffee will be provided by the host organization.

How do I register?
Contact   There is no fee for the peer discussions; please advise us if you have to cancel.  

Questions?  Ideas?
Renée Downey Hart:, 315.396.4831