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Having trouble hiring and retaining staff? Want to know what other organizations are offering to their employees in terms of pay, benefits, and non-financial rewards?

Complete the annual CNY SHRM and MACNY Total Rewards Survey to find out what other organizations are paying and find out what specific, non-financial benefits they offer. There is no cost to complete the survey and participants receive the final data free of charge.

What’s new this year? When you see the final survey results, you will find out how the Covid-19 Pandemic affected local organizations and what they are doing to provide non-financial benefits like workplace flexibility, performance recognition, career development, and philanthropy. 

And please hold the date for the powerful and informative, virtual Survey Debrief Session on the morning of August 12, conducted by Astron Solutions, our survey Administrator.  Astron is a well-respected human resources and compensation consulting firm.  They have been doing this survey for us for 20 years!

Special Incentives in Recognition of our 20th year of doing this survey—weekly prize drawing on Mondays including organizations that completed the survey the prior week. 

Please get an early start.  The survey runs from May 10-June 22. You can begin submitting through the survey portal at:

 Please note: If you participated last year, login information to participate in this year’s survey is going to be emailed to you on May 10th, 2021 from the [email protected] email address. If you need help with login, please email [email protected].

New participants can register to submit at:   

We look forward to your participation! Stay tuned for weekly reminders and results of drawings.

CNY SHRM Total Rewards Committee and MACNY

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On behalf of the CNY SHRM Total Rewards Committee and MACNY, we thank you for your past involvement in this survey.

Job categories and positions represented in the survey include:

  •  Administrative/Clerical
  •  Human Services
  •  Sales
  •  Engineering
  •  Information Technology
  •  Marketing
  •  Finance
  •  Human Resources
  •  Customer Service
  •  Healthcare
  •  Manufacturing   

Thank you from the CNY SHRM Total Rewards Committee and MACNY. 


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